One Size Does NOT Fit All When It Comes To Mascara

One Size Does NOT Fit All When It Comes To Mascara

If all lashes were created the same…then a “best mascara ever” could cover them all. But after all the “best” mascaras you’ve tried, we all know that’s not true. 

There’s no one mascara to rule them all–because there’s no universal set of natural lashes. 

Obviously, your lash products need to fit your unique lash needs. Everyone wants a mascara to cover the basics (long-wearing, flake-free, sweat-resistant, and easy to remove). Tubing mascara  (vs. traditional oil-based mascara) achieves all this and more. 

But which is the best tubing mascara for short lashes? Light lashes? Short and light-colored lashes? Curly and thick lashes? And what about when you want to touch up your look from in-the-office lashes to your going-out-for-drinks lashes?

Here’s what to look for:


Best mascara for short lashes

Oh, the short lash struggle. If you have stumpy lashes, you’ve envied those friends with the effortlessly long, lush lashes–and looked high and low for the magical mascara that could recreate them.

DO look for a lengthening mascara–especially one that can handle multiple coats. A primer will also boost your length. Try tubing mascara since traditional oil-based formulas can give you length, but only after overcoating your lashes in mascara. 

DON’T merely go for volume. Virtually any mascara can thicken, but volume without length will highlight the shortness of your lashes.

Best mascara for light-colored lashes

Light hair might be a go-to for celebs, influencers, and that cool friend. But light lashes? They never seem to make the spotlight. It’s common to see shows make their light-haired lead females sport contrasting dark lashes and brows (think Daenerys from Game of Thrones).

If you have light lashes, you know why. Your hair’s light shade makes your lashes all but disappear into your face!

DO look for lash-volumizing as your prime feature. Both brown and black make your lashes stand out. A mascara that can be layered will be your best friend.

DON’T be seduced by a great-looking mascara…that wears off during the day. Mascara that eventually flakes, runs, or wears off will show up the most on light lashes. A tubing mascara will prevent natural sweat (and the inevitable eye rub) from fading your lashes.

Best mascara for fine lashes

Lashes with a thin shaft or that are generously spaced out can be painfully obvious. And they’re some of the toughest lashes to fluff up. They often come with other issues, like short lashes and gaps.

DO get lash products that will separate and hold your lashes above all else. A tubing mascara will give each lash TLC–separating, generously coating, and holding their shape.

DON’T go for traditional oil-based formulas. Even though they may boast of adding “volume” or being “waterproof”, they’re just throwing a thick oily paint on your lashes. This inevitably makes the mascara clump and wear away. And on thin and spaced-out lashes, it becomes super obvious as soon as it starts.

Best mascara for straight lashes

If you have long, stick-straight lashes, keeping up with your fluttering heartbreakers is a full-time job. They may be luscious, but straight lashes can be a headache to keep in place. You may find that mascara only amplifies how much they stick out.

DO focus on lash products that have a strong hold. A primer will save the day, as a lash curler might only temporarily hold against the weight of your lashes. A tubing mascara will also hold the curl you made with your lashes.

DON’T go for mascaras with “amazing” features…that don’t hold their shape. Most non-tubing mascaras are oil-based, so their flashy thickening, lifting, curling features wear off as your natural oils and lash gravity kick in.

Best mascara for naturally curly lashes

A naturally curled lash might sound enviable. Until they refuse to stay separated and evenly curved. Lashes that naturally hold their own strong curl can be extremely resistant to being tamed.

DO shop for lash products that emphasize hold. As with straight lashes, a primer will be a huge help. Once you set your lash shape, a tubing mascara, once dry, will hold it the rest of the day without weakening.

DON’T keep adding mascara to try combing out your lashes. Less is more when styling lashes with a fierce natural shape. Achieve the shape you want, then lock it in with a strong mascara.

Best mascara for thick lashes

Your lashes may be the envy of all your friends…but you know the pain of getting stabbed in the eye by your own stray lash.

DO stick with tubing lashes. Your lashes will naturally hold more mascara than any other type–so you’re going to be more prone to traditional mascara running, clumping, and flaking. Unless you stick with blinc tubing mascaras, which are oil-free.

DON’T go for volume. You already have volume on your side. Mascaras that cake your lashes will be much more prone to sticking to one another, losing their shape, and running.

What are YOUR go-to lash looks?

Your signature lash look is more than an everyday look you can beef up in the evening. What look makes you say that’s so ME?

Natural curl & definition. You love that natural beauty look. All you want your mascara to do is gently define and hold the lashes you have. It’s a great low-maintenance look for home or work. Try: Original Tubing Mascara 

Soft & wispy natural. You know your lashes don’t need to feel like full wings about to fly away to be romantic. You want your lash products to lengthen and sweetly curl your lashes away from your eyes without getting weighed down. Plus, the soft & wispy look is a dream to add to for something more dramatic for your after-work activities. Try: Original Tubing Mascara + black primer

Light natural volume. You like the natural beauty look…but with a little more oomph. You feel more yourself when your lashes are more obvious. You want your lash products to darken, lengthen, and gently add volume–all while each lash stays beautifully defined. Light natural volume shines when paired with a camera (think gym selfies, vlogging, and weddings). Try: Original Tubing Mascara + black or white primer or Amplified Tubing Mascara + black or white primer 

Thick & voluminous. Soft glam is what makes you feel fabulous. You want volume and lash separation to get those soft, full lashes. Your products should be easily layered while still separating your lashes. Try: UltraVolume Tubing Mascara

Falsie effect. All out, baby. You love your lashes and products to give you everything they’ve got. You want your mascara to give you all the features: length, darkening, volume. But you need your mascara to do this all day long, so you’ve got no time for running, drooping, clumping. You want a long-wear mascara that layers and layers like a dream. Oil-based will not be your friend. Try: UltraVolume Tubing Mascara + black or white primer

Have your look nailed…but you’re still looking for the dream products to fulfill your vision? 

Exploring different looks to discover your very own? 

Or do you like to switch up looks to transform into whatever the moment calls for?

Then start shopping our lash products right here. Wear the lash look you love…but get all the tubing technology benefits.