Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Liquid Eyeliner Pen

  • vegan
  • gluten-free
  • sulfate-free
  • fragrace-free
  • oil-free
  • cruelty-free
  • talc-free
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SIZE: 0.7 mL / 0.024 Fl. Oz
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Liquid Eyeliner Pen


Blinc's Liquid Eyeliner Pen is a VEGAN, ultra-longwearing formula. It has a soft black semi-matte finish that cannot fade, smudge, run or flake, even if you sweat, cry, or rub your eyes. The tapered felt tip allows for the quick-drying liner to be applied effortlessly without bleeding, pulling or skipping. Based on Blinc's pioneering Tubing Technology, it forms a water-resistant layer of color on your eyelid that peels off effortlessly without makeup remover, leaving no tint or residue behind. Ideal for long days, active lifestyles, those with sensitive eyes and oily skin.

Water/Aqua, Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, CI 77266 [Nano] (Carbon Black, Black 2), Laureth-21, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylparaben
How To Apply



  • If you make a mistake, it is really easy to fix: just wet the tip of a Q-­‐tip and brush it along the line that you want to erase. Blinc liquid eyeliner cleans up easily and will not streak like all other liquid liners.
  • The more coats of liner that you apply, the darker and more pronounced it will get.
  • If you would like to smudge the liner after application, it must be done immediately afterwards. You may use the tips of your fingers or a hard liner brush.

Are the products Vegan?
Yes. See our full list of Vegan Makeup.

Do the products contain Gluten (grain of any kind)?
No. See our full list of Gluten Free Makeup.

Does the eyeliner have a thin actual brush to apply with or is it a felt tip?
blinc Eyeliner has a very thin actual brush that makes it very easy to apply a very straight thin line.

Can I put blinc Eyeliner on the inner rim of my eyelid?
Although the blinc formula is hypoallergenic we do not recommend applying it to this area simply because the inner rim of your eye is wet and blinc Liquid Eyeliner must be applied on a clean dry surface.

Does blinc Eyeliner have animal by-products?
No, blinc Eyeliner does not have any animal by-products.

How do I create a wide-eyed, radiant look?
Gently pull the lid skin taunt towards your ear and start at the inner part of the lid, draw a think line smoothly and evenly along the upper lid, getting as close to the lashes as possible. Make sure to apply your blinc Eyeliner all the way to the corner of y our eyes for the full effect. You can also try drawing three dashes. One at the inner corner, one in the middle of the lashes line and another at the outer corner and the connecting the dashes.

How do I remove my blinc Eyeliner?
Neither water alone nor pressure alone with remove blinc Eyeliner. Only the combinations of lots of warm water and gentle pressure, from your fingertips, a washcloth or water pressure (ie: shower), will slide the layer of color effortlessly off your lash line and into your hand. You will start to feel blinc Eyeliner become saturated as its grip on the skin loosens. Keep applying more warm water until the layer of color that was formed on your skin begins to slide off effortlessly.

Is the packaging recyclable?

1.) The new aluminum screw-top cylinder is reusable. We encourage consumers to hang onto the screw-top aluminum container and use it as a storage device in their purse or makeup bag for items such as tweezers, liner pencils, brow pencils, bobby pins, or anything else that fits and helps organize the inside of a purse.

2.) The new screw-top cylinder is made of aluminum and is thus recyclable. We encourage those clients who choose to discard the cylinder to discard them in the appropriate recycling bins. Please note the recycling symbol which appears on our packaging.

 liquid eyelinerliquid eyeliner penultrathin liquid eyeliner peneyeliner pencil
highly pigmented•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
vibrant color•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
easy to apply•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
precise application•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
blendable formula•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
formula typeLiquidLiquidLiquidPencil
applicator descriptionThin brushFelt tip penThinnest brush in world
at 0.00876mm!
Sharpenable Pencil
applicator type
long lasting•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
non-irritating•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
smudge proof•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
water proof•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
oily skin-proof•  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  ••  •  •  •  •
peels off with just water and pressureYesYesNoNo
water-based removerSomewhat effectiveSomewhat effectiveEffectiveEffective
oil-based removerLeast effectiveLeast effectiveVery effectiveVery effective
original peelable eyeliner technologyYesYesNoNo
ideal for contacts & sensitive eyesYesYesYesYes
great for those with lash extensionsYesYesNoNo
SIZE: 0.7 mL / 0.024 Fl. Oz

The OG tubing mascara — adds both volume and length without smudging or flaking.

It’s great for sensitive eyes or those prone to watering at the most inconvenient of times.

Finally [blinc's tubing mascara], a mascara that won't irritate sensitive eyes.

[blinc Mascara Amplified] won’t pull off your lashes like many other waterproof products.

blinc's new (original) tubing mascara truly achieves the impossible.

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